Wow, Kate Middleton's Cousin is A Stripper!

Looking at the figure of Kate Middleton, the public surely would imagine the all-mannered royal family. But wait, because it turns out the King of England besan family candidates is quite 'different'. One example is Kate's cousin who was a stripper!

Katrina Darling is the second cousin Prince William's fiancee, who surprised many party with hot action in several cabaret performances. Interestingly, precisely Darling famous pose using the British flag-patterned shorts and red stilettos, any topless! Who would have thought that his cousin, Kate Middleton, it will become the most important family member in England.

Although 'expert dance', but it seems it's cousin Kate will not be invited to entertain the grand wedding guests to be held later on 29 April. Darling did not even realize that Kate is his brother when he began to 'act' a few years ago.

From his family genealogy, grandmother Katrina, Jane Darling, Kate is a great sister, Thomas Harrison. This makes the two ladies 'different' are brothers, though not to know each other.

Katrina adolescence spent working in a cabaret at Sunderland, while she spent them in school is finally bringing to the prince.

"Katrina has done this erotic dance since the last few years. This is a hobby, but now has become a part time job for him. He loved the comedy of this work. I think Kate Middleton will be a little surprised to hear what the Katrina," said the mother of the stripper .

source: http://most-valuable-girl.blogspot.com/2011/04/wow-kate-middletons-cousin-is-stripper.html

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