Gosh! Tom Hanks is The Babysitter of Matthew McConaughey

Believe it or not but according to Matthew McConaughey for this Tom Hanks has become the babysitter for a new son Matthew was 2 years old. And for services that Matthew only pay U.S. $ 100 only. Surprisingly again, Tom Hanks was also no objection to the relatively small cost.

According to news reported by Splash News, Matthew McConaughey had approached Tom Hanks at the Oscars yesterday and gave the money of U.S. $ 100 for Tom. Tom was surprised and asked what the money was. "Trust me, I owe you more than that for all time have you spend to keep Levi, my son," said Matthew McConaughey.

Apparently, during this Levi, son of Matthew McConaughey is a huge fan of the movie TOY STORY Woody particular character whose voice is filled by Tom Hanks. Almost every day Levi'm screwed TOY STORY to the extent that the father felt indebted to Tom Hanks.

This story was revealed when Matthew McConaughey was a guest on Jay Leno's television show that he was the guide. "The money he return?" Jay Leno asked the time. "No, he's received,"answered the actor who recently starred in this film THE LINCOLN Lawyer.

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/film/internasional/astaga-tom-hanks-jadi-babysitter-matthew-mcconaughey.html)

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