Scream 4 Makes Emma Roberts Likes the Odor of Blood

Julia Roberts' niece, Emma Roberts enjoy the terrible scenes in the movie that will be starred in Scream 4. He even said that had tasted the fake blood.

"It smells
good and because there was blood everywhere, the entire room smelling sweet.
Actually I also tasted it but it feels really bad. So
do not try to taste the fake blood! "he warned.

Emma is also a songwriter, singer and designer from the United States was never played in the film What's Wrong with Virginia and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by 2010. He began his career in the film world since the year 2011 through film Blow as Kristina Jung Young.

Well, in the movie Scream 4 he will be Jill Kessler, one of the masked murder victim.

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