Kate Winslet & Guy Pearce did Hot Scene in 'Mildred Pierce'

After the success of 'Revolutionary Road', the actress Kate Winslet will be presenting his acting again in 'Mildred Pierce'. In the mini-series, Kate did hot scene with co-star Guy Pearce.

As reported by The Sun, Friday (01/04/2011), 'Mildred Pierce' adapted from the film with the same title released in 1945. In the United States, the mini-series that began airing on HBO since 27 March.

In the mini series was filmed Todd Haynes, Kate served as Mildred Pierce, the wife who tried to defend his family during a recession in the United States in 1930. Meanwhile, Guy served as a playboy, Monty Beragon.

During this time, Kate is an actress who is very careful in melakoni vulgar scene in the movie. Throughout her career, Kate exciting scene just three times, namely in the mini-series, the 'Titanic' and 'The Reader'.

Meanwhile, in the near future, British actress will release her latest film, 'Contagion'. The movie was action-thriller genre that, she appeared with Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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