Kirstie Alley Smelling Odor Conspiracy

Fall in the middle stage when the first waltz Dancing With the Stars on Monday (11 / 4) night, Kirstie Alley makes think that there is a conspiracy on this incident.

"I think it's a conspiracy! There are other girls who cut my shoes," said Alley in Us Weekly after he made that mistake.

"I do not know if I handled well or not well!"

However, his desire to win remains passionate. "I want to win. And I want to win by being the best! I get a value of 8, but I think if I danced properly, we can get 9. I really want to be a good dancer for my efforts," he said vehemently .

Sources recently revealed Alley decided to join the show Dancing With the Stars before the opportunity is lost.

"He was not ready last season. Mental and physical do not support," said a source at Showbizspy.com.

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