Happy 25th Birthday Lady GaGa!

Exactly today, Monday (28 / 3), Lady GaGa birthday to-25. With fame and fortune he achieved is now, certainly age is not considered a quarter-century as the time wasted.

There are times when Lady GaGa must live a life that is difficult at the beginning of his career, until he should mengutang for success in the world of loud music. However, with hard work dilakoni ladies 'special', as well as two super-successful album, GAGA was already a legend in his young age.

Beneath the stunning looks that are always dressed eccentric who even unimaginable, GAGA appears to have some of the self that is not widely known. Anything?

1. Beautiful native woman named Joanne Angelina Germanotti Stefani admits making the Queen and David Bowie as a musical inspiration. The name of beauty was willing to 'thrown' and replaced by the name Lady GaGa is taken from the song Queen, Radio Ga Ga.

2. If the fans often see GaGa appear eccentric without pants, it turns out the singer has its own reasons, namely, for the nearly blind grandmother can see it when he appeared on TV!

3. GAGA is a celebrity who really cares about his fans. To the extent, GAGA never buy a pizza to $ 1,000 to be distributed to fans who lined up to ask for his autograph.

4. Although now concentrating more on pop music and dance, GAGA was actually a pianist with a flow of classical music, he had studied since age 4 years!

5. Gaga had studied at New York University, who unfortunately have to leave. After drop-outs, GAGA often appear on the Lower East Side in New York.

6. When the other celebrities had their own living in a world full of glamor, GAGA still felt as a 'home boy'. Evidence, GAGA often carry a full cup with a saucer of purple, just to make himself feel at home, with memories of drinking tea with his mother.

7. Talent 'naked' GAGA seems ingrained since childhood. While still a child, often surprising the babysitternya GaGa when she greeted them without a shirt too!

8. Gaga had studied at the same school with Paris and Nicky Hilton. Now, Paris and Nicky are no more fan GaGa. Hmm, long ago when still in school, not have thought it?

9. GAGA can not only perform on stage. Evidently, the brain GAGA also dilute with which he achieved early graduation when enrolled at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

10. Before too famous, GAGA been seen with a band called Band or SGBand Stefani Germanotta at a club in New York in 2009. At that time, wearing a shirt and pants GaGa normal!

So, you know if the appearance of quirky, sometimes creepy, just a form of professional GAGA as an artist? Deep down inside, GaGa is the figure of affectionate, home-based, talented, well smart!

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