Demi Lovato Successfully Overcome Eating Disorder

Actress and singer-blooded Mexican and Italian, Demi Lovato had experienced an eating disorder eating disorder. Public did not know last November he was in rehab.

In a new interview with Seventeen she reveals about the disorder. "I do not think I got when I was not thinking about food or my body also.
But the reality I live in that way. So I hope and advise the girls to find a comfortable and safe place and there lived in that place," 18-year-old girl said this.

He also acknowledged that this is an uphill battle. "There are times when I am tempted to get rid of dinner, but must be resisted if not it will become a lifelong illness."

Since leaving an undisclosed rehab facility in January, Lovato is now also become a guest editor for Seventeen said he was pleased to still have a chance to live.

"I allowed myself to a lot of freedom. I am so peaceful now," he said.

This young star hopes that by sharing stories, he can help young girls who face the same struggle.

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