Stalking Shania Twain, A Doctor Jailed

A 50-year-old doctor from Canada have to feel the cold floor of a prison for stalking his idol singer. Doctor Giovanni Palumbo was arrested after local police caught stalking singer Shania Twain.

A bodyguard Shania Shania see a doctor Palumbo stalking up to the Juno Awards ceremony that was held in Canada on Sunday (3/27/2011) ago. Though the doctors have been warned to keep a distance because the incident a day earlier.

As reported Female First Thursday (31/03/2011), Giovanni sneak in a crowd when 35-year-old singer was awarded the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. "One of the bodyguards Shania see him. But he said he just wanted to meet Shania," said Detective Michael Jander of local police.

Peace Judge John Jackson from Toronto Court ordered Giovanni to be within 450 meters from Shania. The doctor also will be jailed until 1 April next when the next trial was held.

Local mental health officials revealed, when arrested Giovanni wearing t-shirts Shania and biography books. He has also been sent chanter 'Still the One' is a letter and flowers. Giovanni claim to want to establish a romantic relationship with Shania.

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