Support Gay Youth, Daniel Radcliffe Wins Award

After successfully starring in the seventh Harry Potter film, this time Daniel Radcliffe's 'success' in the social field. Scheduled, the actor will get the Hero Award for his social action with a foundation named Trevor Project.

A unique, this award is given to Radcliffe because of its action to support the young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and those with problems (LGBTQ). In his campaign with Trevor Project in 2009, Radcliffe helping young people cope with the death rate was due to suicide.

"The boys deserve to live in the world to accept them as is, no matter what a person's sexual orientation or their gender identity. As a friend, I am honored The Trevor Project has been chosen to receive the Trevor Hero Award, and I will continue to raise awareness about saving the LGBTQ youth, "said the actor known for his role as teenage wizard this.

According to schedule Trevor Project, a star who is now busy working in the world of Broadway theater is

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