Victoria & David Beckham Will Name 'Luna' for Newborns

Victoria Beckham who is now pregnant girls have set up a name. Former personnel 'Spice Girls' it wants to name the prospective baby 'Luna'.

The name has a meaning 'moon' in Spanish. Victoria is expected to give birth late in 2011.

As reported by the Daily mail on Friday (04/01/2011), actually Beckham and Victoria have set up that name several years ago for their third child. However, when gender was known to man, they later named Cruz.

"I like 'Luna'. I know it's a girl, so maybe for the next child's name," says Victoria in 2004.

For his son, David Beckham and Victoria refused to use the traditional English names like John, Peter or David. The couple chose the name of Spain smell like Romeo and Cruz.

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