Britney Spears Sued For Perfume

Misunderstanding between the celebrity and the companies that led to prosecutions happen again. This time the party who sued is a beautiful singer Britney Spears, because of the perfume!

Song Toxic 'singer is sued for $ 10 million by a company claiming that it was they who arranged for Britney to be working with Elizabeth Arden to promote their perfume. Unfortunately, according to the company, Spears has not paid their service.

Lawyers for the company called Brand Sense Partners stated that their client had made ​​an agreement with the Spears. On sales of Elizabeth Arden perfume is, Brand Sense Partners is entitled to 35 percent of total profits.

Spears filed the lawsuit because the Brand Sense was 'bypassed' after Spears and her father held a meeting and make a secret agreement with Elizabeth Arden without mediated by Brand Sense.

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