Well, Lady GaGa Given A 'Sex Doll' Gift

Lady GaGa's birthday as the 25th on Monday (28 / 3) yesterday celebrated with a gala by the singers and a few close friends are also family. From this festive feast, Lady GaGa is rumored to get a gift that 'just naughty' loh. What is it?

On Monday, the singer whose real name is Stefani Germanotta celebrates birthday at a Mexican restaurant with several relatives and friends. Among the guests, looking her lover Carl Luc, Adam Lambert, and Kate Hudson.

"Gaga gets diamond from a guest without a name, while others gave him sex doll made ​​especially for him - who can not stand is a huge genitals," said one guest.

In this party, GAGA could sing a few songs, including Born This Way anyarnya songs are sung while accompanied by a mariachi band from the restaurant. The party was lively, even Adam Lambert had hit his head so his spirit dancing.

source: http://most-valuable-girl.blogspot.com/2011/03/well-lady-gaga-given-sex-doll-gift.html

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