Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron Announce DATING

The Matrix Actor Canadian and British dual citizen Keanu Reeves revealed relationship with actress Charlize Theron. They will move to England next week when Charlize filming Prometheus when Reeves underwent syting 47 Ronin.

They turned out to have mejalani relationship as lovers since last year after the split from Stuart Townsend Charlize and Keanu end the brief relationship with Parker Posey in 2009. Keanu takes 8 years and even then dare to open up after the death of her partner Jennifer Syme in an accident.

Keanu had been accused of being the father of one of his fans, a Canadian named Karen Sala. Karen Sala accused him of being the father of one of her children who are 4. "Chaotic once accused me of being a father, I have to go to court, I do not do it and I am not the father," says Keanu. And finally proved that the speech Karen Sala can not be proved through DNA tests.

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