Justin Bieber's Hair Guarded Heavily

Not only is Justin Bieber are entitled to the title of celebrity and needs to escort tight. Looks like Justin limb that is no longer one with the teen sensation is even still be called celebrities. In fact, some hair is Justin Bieber have to get a tight guard for no one who took it.

Some time ago Justin Bieber did was give a few strands of hair for Ellen DeGeneres. Hair is then sold on eBay and sold for 25 thousand Pounds or approximately 350 million more. Reportedly, hair Justin Bieber was purchased by Golden Palace Casino and now the hair is what gets tight guard.

Golden Palace Casino is willing to rent this hairs Justin Bieber to being paraded around to various places. According to Splash News, the hair is kept in a glass case that a signature Justin Bieber. The first objective of this hair is the event Justin Bieber Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami, Florida.

Previously also had reported that Justin Bieber also agreed to donate her hair to be used to raise money which is then donated to the tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan some time ago.

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