Prince Harry Caught in Antarctica!

Several reports in the media about Prince Harry, it is less appropriate to the royal image. However, recently, Prince Harry as having metarfosis. Many positive changes in him.

Harry is currently traveling as far as 200 miles along some of the wounded soldier to get £ 2m or about 28.28 billion dollars in charitable activities, Walking With The Wounded.

To complete the challenge, Prince Harry should be willing stranded in Antarctica. "It will take at least 24, maybe 48 hours atu until Prince Harry could fly and return to England. He is ready with all that. So it's no big deal for him," said royal aide told UsMagazina.com.

To the U.S. entertainment website, teachers talk Prince Harry said that his departure was delayed because there is a problem with the runway.

"At this time he spent waiting to perform penyusuran trajectory with the team (in Norway) and returned to Borneo this evening to await the first flight," added the spokesman.

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