Jackie Chan: I'm Not Dead

Los Angeles few days ago, actor Jackie Chan is said to have died of a heart attack. Jackie finally go to vote, and said he was fine.

"Jackie was alive and in good health. He did not have a heart attack or die,"wrote Hong Kong star is passing up his account as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Thursday (31/03/2011).

News of the death of actor born 7 April 1954 it became lively discussion on various social media like Facebook and Twitter. Discussions will also be a trending topic on Twitter for a few days.

Even the news of the death of Jackie had written in her biography on Wikipedia. But a few hours and then immediately removed after it was news was just a hoax.

"Jackie's fine and is busy preparing for his latest film," he added.

Besides giving an official statement, the star of 'Rush Hour ' also displays recent photos. The photos were taken when Jackie attended a press conference for a charity event for tsunami victims of Japan on Monday (3/28/2011).

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