Bill Murray, Will Be A President!

Remember the Bill Murray? One of the personnel in the film Ghostbusters ghost hunters are going to be President of the United States! Of course this only exist in the screenplay that he'd played. The title HYDE PARK ON THE Hudson and Murray in this film will serve as President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

HYDE ON THE Hudson itself is an adaptation of a British radio drama and narrate the relationship between President Franklin D. Roosevelt with Stuckley Margaret, his nephew. The film also will include a story when the Queen and the King of England visited the residence of Franklin D. Roosevelt in New York in June 1939. So far not much information circulating about the film for this one, even this title was not included in the list Filmography Bill Murray.

Since the year 2010 and then Bill Murray was included not so active. After starring in three titles (The Limits OF CONTROL, FANTASTIC MR. FOX, and Zombieland) in the year 2009, the actor is just playing at GET LOW throughout 2010. In 2011 it was only one movie title (MAD) that would be starring and that's not a sequel to the Ghostbusters as previously discussed was crowded.

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