Robert Pattinson Accuses Justin Bieber Lying

Looks like two teenage girls idol will trigger 'war fans'. The reason, recently, Robert Pattinson mention that Justin Bieber is a liar!

The British actor is reportedly calling Bieber denied saying that the two met at a party. In Bieber's statement a few moments ago, Pattinson was touted as one of the men who gave advice on how to hook Bieber a girl.

"A few moments ago, I met with Robert Pattinson at a party. He said, 'By whatever reason, people like our hair and it always be the right tool to start a conversation with a girl." Robert also said, 'Hi, my name is Robert. Want to touch my hair? "I thought he was joking, but really useful, "Bieber said a moment ago.

Responding to the statement this Bieber, the Twilight star replied, "I do not know this kid. I also saw (the news) it. I thought, 'You're really famous, man. What are you doing? You do not need to use me and make up stories!" "Hmm, who is lying huh?

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/robert-pattinson-tuduh-justin-bieber-berbohong.html)

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