Nicole Scherzinger Rename As ....

If you want to meet with celebrities at the hotel where they stay, do not expect will often lucky, because they often use false names to avoid the media and fans. And Nicole Scherzinger chosen name was quite unique!

Nicole, who often travel and must stay at the hotel, chose to use the name of the character from her favorite cartoon, The Simpsons. Of the many characters, Edna Krabappel Nicole chose as his pseudonym.

By choosing this name, means sweetheart Nicole, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, could use the name of the lover Edna, Seymour Skinner, when staying with Nicole.

"It has long been the celebrities use pseudonyms when staying at the hotel. The name of Nicole's pretty weak compared to the other. But he's like The Simpsons and her name is funny," said a source.

Did Nicole use this name? "So far succeeded, because no one knows. It means that now must find another name Nicole!

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/nicole-scherzinger-ganti-nama-jadi-.html)

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