Let's Fitness with Melanie Brown

It's not that resonates in the music world, Melanie Brown, known as "Scary Spice" in the vocal group, Spice Girls, now has become the ambassador of fitness active.

If you include the following reality show "It's a Scary World", certainly could see for themselves how Mel body shape now. Muscle and body look even more established and faster after she gave birth to two daughters than when I was single. All that the acquisition because he was active work out form the body. In addition to the benefit of himself, his love of sports developed when he launched the exercise DVD titled "Totally Fit" in 2008 a success. His interest in fitness increased when he was elected as a virtual personal trainer in the Playstation game "Get Fit with Mel B" which releases in October 2010 then.

His interest in the field of fitness based on the desire to encourage everyone to be able to find the type of exercise and physical movement as part of the lifestyle. "For those of you who do not get used to playing the body, make sure your body has a good balance. Do not do it with moderation. Discover the types of activities that fit with your body and have fun! "Cried female vocal character of this weight.

The seriousness of Mel B to campaign to make exercise a lifestyle chosen as an ambassador for the International Fitness Week for three consecutive years since 2009 are fully supported by Fitness First. In relation to the ambassador, Mel visit and engage in various activities at the Fitness First club sejunmlah in various countries, including Singapore and Malaysia. International Fitness Week itself is a commitment made by a network of fitness clubs, which is based on the lifestyle of today's society, where 60-85 percent of adults and 48.2 percent in Indonesia in particular, spent much time sitting or lying unntuk. Physical inactivity is widely considered to be trivial, but actually become the main cause of the 4 deaths in the world. 70,000 premature deaths were recorded for the community before the age of 60 years worldwide and 90 percent found in cases of disability before age 60 years in developing countries.

For this reason, partisipiasi Mel B as the leader in the movement campaigning for the International Fitness Wek 2011 with the theme "Go Motion" is, it's already very fit. With a stack of activities and kewajiabannya as wife, mother and public figure, Mel could give an example that exercise is necessary and obligatory. International Fitness Week 2011 which already takes place from March 14 to 20, also opened the doors to the public, both member and non-member of Fitness First, to perform various physical fitness activities individually or in groups, including the evaluation of health and fitness, for a full week in all Fitness First clubs throughout Indonesia and 11 countries free of charge. "If you follow all the week's activities, you can burn over 3,000 calories!" Mel B said encouragingly.

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