Lady Gaga Change Her Mattress With Egg Shells

When Lady GaGa was used to 'alter' appearance, this time the singer had other projects. Instead of the appearance, plans to change the look of his apartment GAGA, which will surely unique. Hmm, like what?

As reported by the Daily Mirror, 24-year-old eccentric singer has spent 1.2 million pounds to change the look of the house she inhabited. One way is to replace the bed with a giant egg used in the Grammy ago.

"This house is a new little baby GAGA. Shells of eggs that are specially made ​​for her. She will not sleep in there, replacing the double-bednya,"said a source close to GAGA. So what reason would GaGa bother sleeping in this giant egg

"He felt at home when he was in the egg on the stage. He spent much time there, meditating. He also said that he felt calm and peaceful when they are in it,"continued the source.

Apart from a giant egg as the occupants of his house, GAGA is also planning to show off all the costumes and properties used and collected during his tour through the world. Women's real name is Stefani Germanotta also reported it had hired an interior designer who will work with Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, and Nicola Formichetti, his friends are too eccentric, to design his house later. Wow, will definitely special!

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/gaga-ganti-kasur-dengan-cangkang-telur.html)

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