Lady Gaga Censored by Malaysia's Radio

Born This Way may be one of the most successful songs lately but in fact this song could not swing freely in the country of Malaysia. Because the radio station in the country that the majority population are Muslims dare not violate government rules that clearly states the prohibition for play or display material that is 'insulting'.

Finally, the lyrics in this song also became victims. Piece of lyrics that clearly supports a kind of forced sexual behavior should be eliminated. According to Splash News, the lyrics in question is' No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track, baby. "This sentence clearly supports same-sex behavior which in Malaysia is still considered taboo.

In the same story also noted that AMP Radio Networks, one private radio station in Malaysia think the lyrics could be interpreted as material that 'insulted' by the Malaysian society. This is not the first time Lady GaGa sparked controversy. Previously he was rumored to be released products perfume with the scent of sperm and blood. Some time ago the singer also had to come up with costumes made ​​of meat.

source: (http://musik.kapanlagi.com/berita/lady-gaga-disensor-radio-malaysia.html)

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