Justin Timberlake Indeed Crush on Mila Kunis

Breaking news Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel may surprise many. Proximity Justin with Mila Kunis, co-star in FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT, touted as the cause of the end of a love affair that has woven these 4 years.

After a long growing speculation about the 'third person' in relation Justin and Jessica, a source close to Justin finally declared that their relationship lately is problematic, although Justin also had been 'a crush' Mila before her and Jessica is really broken.

"Justin was crazy about Mila. He is a force to be able to perform both the reading of the Oscar winner. He pulled Mila briefly before climbing onto the stage. Justin expressed his feelings and asked if Mila feel the same way," said the source.

The source also stated that Mila could answer, "I will not steal any girlfriend. We will only friends until you're single."

Looks like this is ultimately a decision was taken by Justin, after a long relationship that did not undergo more fun with Jessica. "This is the trigger needed Justin to drop out of Jessica because they also had a bad relationship a few months later. He believed, deep down, they're both both know this relationship is over. Justin just did not want to hurt Jessica,"continued the source .

Until this news was revealed, there is still no official statement from a representative of Justin, Jessica, and Mila on the truth of all three reasons.

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/justin-timberlake-memang-naksir-mila-kunis.html)

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