Fashion Through Nelson Mandela's Charity!

Rows number 46 664 is not a phone number, not a home address, or terrible because there are 666 numbers in it. Dispose of all your negative thoughts and welcome 46 664, a charitable organization that moves through the world of fashion.

46664 (466, 64) is a series of numbers drawn from the number one jersey arrest of former president Nelson Mandela, who was then numbered 466 and ostracized back on Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa in 1964. These numbers inspired her to establish an organization, which will remind many people to sacrifice for the sake of South African society.

In the year 1994 - 1999 ago, former president Nelson Mandela had served in the South African government. The struggle was long and heavy is not complete. In his tenure, the problem of AIDS could be overlooked issue and set aside. In fact, Mandela had lost her son, Makgatho Mandela from AIDS January 6, 2005.

Do not want this problem to spread and set aside just like that, Mandela then formed an organization that shows concern for AIDS prevention. 46 664 is one idea that dicetusnya as the latest fashion brand, in which proceeds will be dedicated to the interests of the campaign and HIV / AIDS worldwide. "46,664 is also expected to participate in prevention campaigns and HIV / AIDS globally," said Achmat Dangor, the representative of the brand 46 664, as quoted from Yahoo UK.

Until now there is no more info about the brand price is 46 664. However, all humanitarian organizations Mandela's supporters are optimistic that the 46,664 will be a fashion brand that can generate considerable income, and can help the campaign HIV / AIDS effectively in the world.

In the future brands can be found in retail stores and online shop that provides all 46,664 brand items.

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