Ex Girlfriend Kiss Another Girl, Lindsay Lohan Being Angry

Criminal matter has not been completed, Lindsay Lohan must have once again hurt. The young star reportedly angry because the photos of the former lesbian partner, Samantha Ronson, who was kissing another girl!

Not just angry, Lohan also said that he felt hurt and betrayed after girl lesbian who works as a DJ was caught on camera joking, cuddling, and kissing in a car with a mysterious dark-haired girl in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, Lindsay thinks that Samantha is not currently dating anyone, although also not going out with him. Lindsay was already planning to 'interrogate' Sam later when he got off the plane in New York.

Sam's own camera caught making out with 'this other girl on 24 March. Both spent time together while sitting on the pavement of Los Angeles and headed for the back seat of the car the girl.

"Both are made ​​out around twenty minutes and could not let go of the hands of one another. Before you get out of the car, Sam pulled the girl's face and kissing her"passionately. Very intense, "said an eyewitness.

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/mantan-cium-gadis-lain-lindsay-lohan-berang.html)

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