Kate Winslet: DiCaprio, He's My Rock ...

LOS ANGELES - Only a year after receiving the Oscar award 2009 for the stunning acting in The Reader, Kate Winslet (36) divorced her husband, director Sam Mendes, who also directed it in Revolutionary Road.

In an interview with Vogue, she admitted that her divorce made her life "unstable". He takes 10 months to be alone and escape from the hubbub of Hollywood.

Now, she has started a new sheet. "This is my new page, single with two children (Mia, 10, Joe, 7). Doing what he did want me to do. Having a job that I really loved. Having friends and family are really supportive, "said Kate.

Speaking of close friends, for Kate, there's only one person who really understood him, that is Leonardo DiCaprio. "Leo is much to know me compared to everyone else in this world," he said.

Is it possible they could have a deeper relationship than just friends? "In male-female friendship can only emerge feeling more than just friends. But me and Leo? No. Me and Leo are destined to become best friends. He was stone karangku. I wonder what would happen with my life without him, "said Kate. They both always present and support each other in all important events in the life of each.

Kate's "new" is now preparing to take another step. Newest television series, Mildred Pierce, will soon be aired on the HBO network.

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