Ashton Kutcher Ready to Face Doomsday

Whether it was affected by the disaster movies made ​​in Hollywood or because of natural disasters lately often happens, Ashton Kutcher reportedly began to obsess with natural disasters. In fact, this handsome actor is getting ready for the coming apocalypse!

Demi Moore's husband is rumored to have just purchased some equipment in bulk for the 'face' apocalypse. Previously, Ashton had said that he is busy training myself to protect themselves and their families if a disaster or Judgement to happen.

Although this statement is uttered in a tone joke, but Ashton seems serious enough to remember some major disaster that occurred in Japan and New Zealand. Some sources also claim that the actor to spend around $ 4,000 to purchase equipment this doomsday preparations.

"He was obsessed with the idea of ​​an earthquake or any major natural disasters. He bought some basic survival equipment to deal with this disaster,"said a source.

Some equipment had been purchased and prepared in Ashton, including some blankets, radios, flashlights, and emergency supplies like water and canned food. Hmm, complete!

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