Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow Compete for Diet

Take That frontman Both are equally trying to lose weight that has accumulated since last Christmas. However, after learning his new eating plan, he vowed to reduce more fat than Gary Barlow.

Robbie Williams stated that weight and weight gain Gary's always changing. The number could go up and down every week. Now they try to control their weight so as not to accumulate fat.

"Once when we were at my house in Los Angeles. It was a sudden Gary looked at me and handed me a few pieces of clothing. He said that he did not need clothes because he would go on a diet by eating only a piece of lettuce a day. He offered to take her clothes, "commentator singer Angel.

"Since then I think that if Gary eating a piece of lettuce every day, so I just ate half a piece of lettuce it every day,"said Robbie.

Robbie also had a story to tell jokes about The Machinist that can reduce the weight of up to 60 pounds by just eating a tuna and an apple every day. In these jokes, Robbie said he wanted to do the same.

Although it could throw a joke, but actually Robbie also want to make a healthy diet. He has studied several nutritional menus that can be applied in the diet.

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