Michael 'Alfred Butler' Gough Died

This time Bruce Wayne or Batman would be really sad. Because the actor who used to play as Alfred the waiter was also a father figure, Michael Gough, died on Thursday (17 / 3) yesterday.

Gough, who plays Alfred in the Batman film director Tim Burton in 1989, too many great films during his career five dekadenya, died at the age of 94. After starring in this famous film, Gough also joined in the 1992 BATMAN RETURNS, BATMAN FOREVER in 1995, also BATMAN AND ROBIN 1997.

The man who was born in Malaysia is dedicated almost half his life in the world of acting, from his debut in Blanche Fury in 1947, to meet with many other legendary stars. Gough also frequently appeared on TV shows such as DOCTOR WHO, Dracula and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

Until this news was revealed, there is still no further details about the funeral plans. Rest in Peace, Michael Gough aka Alfred Pennyworth.

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/michael-alfred-butler-gough-tutup-usia.html)

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