Kim Kardashian Wash the Car with Rain

Some people may be annoyed when the rain falls, because it would disrupt the schedule and some travel. However, another case with Kim Kardashian, who claimed to be grateful when rain falls. Because, Kim would not have to step in and wash his car!

This was disclosed the reality show star via Twitter account. Kim said that he was too lazy to deal with a sponge and bucket to wash his car. As a result, the rain that fell was perceived as 'a blessing in disguise' by it.

"I like it when my car was dirty and it starts to rain. It makes me feel not too bad though my car is dirty. I love this free car wash!" he wrote.

Instead of washing the car, Kim also prefer to use the time to observe the people around him, like his experience, written by Twitter. "I'm in a restaurant, waiting for a friend and there are couples cutest grandparents sitting next to me. They looked so in love. I love love!"

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/kim-kardasihan-cuci-mobil-pakai-hujan.html)

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