Kate Winslet Give Tips for Nude Scene

EVAN Rachel Wood finally managed to beat the awkwardness that it faces when it comes to nude scene in a movie. All thanks to the help of a senior actress Kate Winslet.

The 23-year-old actress, admitted guided by Winslet, who became opposed to acting in television series' Mildred Pierce. "

''He's training me through my first nude scene. I mean, he's been doing it all,''said Wood as quoted by people.com website.

Even though Winslet, 35, experienced appeared nude in front of the camera, she admits she still finds the challenge every time you have to do the scene.

''I spoke to Evan about how to find a level of confidence in something like nudity. This is really weird, nudity. And I know I have done so many times until now. But I'm still not used to doing it.''

Academy Award-winning actress added,''I want Evan to know that there is someone who will hold her hand and put his cloak covering his body at the right time. I think it made ​​him feel a little better.''

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