Eva Longoria Talk About Her Divorce

Eva Longoria for the first time speak to the media about his divorce with pebasket Tony Parker. Stars 'Desperate Housewives' is claimed to have always wanted to cry when touched on the destruction of their household.

Previous Eva is difficult to reveal about his private life. However, as reported by Aceshowbiz, women born March 15, 1975 was finally willing to share her story.

"Every time I talk about it, I always wanted to cry, very difficult. I just try to live it no longer a drama," he said on Wednesday (03/16/2011).

Eva admitted he is being knit back his life after a divorce. According to him, lost her husband is one thing that makes his life changed drastically.

"I must find a new pattern because I am used to always be on the plane and fly to see the basketball game," he said.

However, Eva does not take long to find a new date. After 2 months of divorce, he is reportedly close to siblings, Penelope Cruz, Eduardo Cruz.

Eva Longoria cerainya filed suit on Tony Parker to the Superior Court of Los Angeles, United States, 17 November 2010. Eva and Tony married in July 2007 in Paris, France.

source: http://most-valuable-girl.blogspot.com/

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