Elton John: I Am A Modern Woman

After many gay couples are curious about the Elton John and David Furnish, especially anyone who 'plays' the figure of the wife and husband, the legendary singer finally go to vote. Hmm, curious?

'Secret' is revealed by Elton when talking about their little baby, Zachary. Elton confidently referred to himself as a 'modern woman', who left her husband David as a figure that has been woven in a relationship for 18 years.

Because the job demands that require Elton frequently outside the home, even abroad, the 63-year-old man revealed that he used the internet to monitor the progress of Zachary who was born last Christmas through the womb of another woman this.

"As they say, I am now is a modern woman. I finally entered the 21st century," said Elton.

Elton even this statement is justified by David, who said, "For someone who always refuses to hard to get online, computer control, control of the internet, Elton finally sent its first iPad 2 weeks ago, because there are dual cameras. He always wanted to see her son through Skype when he was not with him. "

source: (http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/hollywood/elton-john-aku-adalah-wanita-modern.html)

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